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Deerresistible is a powder-based formula that contains multiple flavors and aromas based on the variety you select. These products begin working instantly by releasing vapors in the air that draw deer to the site. The flavors are blended to create an aroma that deer cannot resist. We have added extra proteins and minerals that make it not only attractive to deer but also beneficial to their health. This product can be poured directly on the ground or can be mixed with your favorite pellet or corn to make it a more appetizing meal. Our combinations of flavors have been tested in the field extensively before making them available to the public.

  • Added protein and minerals for herd health

  • Powerful aromas that deer can smell from long distances

  • keeps them coming back for more and even after the powder is gone

Each product comes in a 10 pound bag. If you wish to order in bulk, please send us a message and we will be happy to provide a reduced price quote!!!

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